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real chalkboard

This app is okay. It comes with 3 colors of chalk but on a i mac, it takes about 5 min. to fill the whole page. You can`t close the page. I would not prefer this app.


This app only has three colors. Mainly the app would not close I had to go to the apple store to close and delete the app.


overall, useless. graphics are pretty lame, you only have 3 colors of chalk to choose from and, as others have pointed out, it is very annoying to have to go through the ad screen and then hitting the back button before being able to erase or change chalk color. i used it for like a minute and off it went, straight to the recycle bin. i assume the paid version is better, but this one doesn't even make it as a demo.

…..OKay i see how this would be helpful

nice but maybe you guys should add a fullscreen option.

Can't I X it out?

Its pretty fun to use i guess. the only thing that annoys me when u go to change the color of the chalk, i dont no how to go back! i have to click preference then go back to it. also, it wont let me X out the app. i have to go to the doc and click "Quit" instead of a convient red X button

A little clunky

I have no issue with this free version being limited, but 2 problems I see prevent me from getting the paid version: 1. In order to access the tools once you've started drawing, you have to hit "preferences" up in the menu bar, go through the screen that tells you that you can't do much unless you buy the paid version, click "back", and then you finally can change chalk colors or erase. and 2. Every time you hit that camera icon it saves the picture without an option to cancel the save. That means that whatever you draw is placed on your hard drive regardless if you really like it or not. My last problem is that the advertising says you can share your picture easily, but really you have to find that screen cap picture stored on your hard drive, and then do what you want with it. If I had some assurance that the paid version was much less clunky, I'd consider buying it.

A Great App

This app is crazy fun love it please make more apps little this.And for the person who says it crashes on iMac it don't.


On a desktop Mac, it crashes frequently. Otherwise it looks like a really nice app with chalk dust and blackboard sounds. Click on the bottom edge to bring up tools and if it doesn't crash, you can draw to your heart's content. With a Wacom pen, chalking is accurate. Preferences don't seem to come up and I don't see how to change the color of the chalks. Until the crashing gets fixed, it's fingernails to the blackboard. Ouch!

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